From The Introduction

From The Book's Introduction: "What was my favorite team really like when I was growing up? During the ‘70’s and ‘80’s, columnists and TV sports anchors were criminally negligent about reporting on the Caps, and before blogs and TV hockey channels, there weren’t any other options. So I dug into it.

"Now, like Marty McFly in Back To The Future, you’re invited to buckle up your DeLorean, set the Flux Capacitor for Landover, Md., 1974, to read what I uncovered.

"What you won’t find is coaching strategy, trade analysis, or line combinations. That stuff is boring. Also, no effort to be comprehensive. Results, stats, and scores are all online. Numbers can be fun, but only when they contribute to a good tale. That’s the goal of this book; bite-sized stories which are interesting, funny, or poignant, even for non-Caps fans." 

Author Glenn Dreyfuss interviewed
by "Caps Talk" host Ben Raby.
Caps Radio 24/7 is the team's
official online station.

The book is divided into three sections, or "periods", each containing several chapters. Descriptions are below, as are links to the web page for each period, where you can find relevant galleries, audio and video.

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Google estimates 130 million books
have been printed in the modern age.
This is the only one about the first era
of the NHL's Washington Capitals.
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